MP Virtual Laboratory

MetaPlab is a virtual laboratory which aims at assisting modellers both to understand the internal mechanisms of biological systems and to forecast, in silico, their response to external stimuli, environmental condition alterations or structural changes. MetaPlab framework is based on a core module which enables to design and manage biological models, and an extensible set of plugins by which MP models can be generated, optimized, simulated and analysed.

This web site gathers all the resources related to MetaPlab. From the Download section you can freely get the last releases of MetaPlab, by means of some Java files that run on several platforms. In section Tutorials some helpful guides can assist you to use MetaPlab and to develop new plugins. The MP plugins section contains all the last released plugin files, which are also freely downloadable with their own tutorials. Some ready-made biological models can be downloaded from MP Models section and yet available to be simulated and analyzed by your MetaPlab virtual laboratory.

If you are wondering about the theoretical background of MetaPlab, and related information, you are kindly invited to visit the sections of MP Systems, Publications, Links and News.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any information about development of new MetaPlab software (alberto.castellini at, or if you are interested in our research work (Team).

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